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Students who thrive in a small environment that develops character, integrity, compassion for others, and academic skills will find success at Bowers Academy. Founded to address the needs of non-traditional learners, Bowers Academy balances academic challenge with self-reflection, exceptionally small class sizes, and the unique learning environment of Bowers Farm.  Our ultimate goal at Bowers Academy is to graduate competent, empathetic, aware, and empowered individuals.


Bowers Academy focuses on maximizing student potential by providing every learner access to  a non-traditional, comprehensive, and place-based learning experience. We embrace individuality, foster relationships, and ignite passions today and beyond. By integrating school, farm, and community, our program strengthens individual growth, sharpens real world skills, builds core values, and promotes social awareness for all.

As a school community, we commit to the following guiding viewpoints:

  • We believe that our students can best realize their strengths, interests, and independence when they are immersed in experiential learning both on and off campus.  
    At Bowers, we work to develop strong partnerships to provide students with a variety of experiences to prepare them for their future. 

  • We believe in the power of place.  
    At Bowers, we emphasize connection to place and engage in experiential learning that includes exploration of farm, community, and self.

  • We believe that social emotional learning is critically important for the long term success of all students.  
    At the center of the Bowers experience is a research-based social emotional curriculum.  Social emotional supports and community building are emphasized in each facet of the learning experience.

  • We believe that relationships are at the core of a healthy school community.  
    At Bowers, we focus on restorative approaches to behavior and support recognizing that all people bring unique circumstances and strengths with them.  

  • We believe that high quality academic instruction is essential for the growth and development of all learners.  
    At Bowers, we learn collaboratively utilizing a responsive, flexible, and experiential curriculum. 

School History

Bowers Academy opened its doors on 93 acres at Bowers School Farm in 1998.  The first graduating class experienced the farm first hand as their learning space was located inside of a barn. Led by Principal Adam Scher, the size of the graduating class of 1999 was 3 students.

25 years later, we have moved into a Learning Center that is home to the Bowers Farm Store as well as Bowers Academy. 

We are proud to celebrate an 84% attendance rate and a 94% graduation rate, having supported hundreds of non-traditional students as they set and achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals.

Bowers Students Milking Goat with Kindergartners