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Dr. Aileen Myer

Dr. Aileen Myer

Dr. Aileen Myer joined the Bowers Team in 2019 as the Teaching Administrator at Bowers Academy.

Dr. Myer grew up spending summer days at the lake swimming, boating, and catching frogs and turtles with her two brothers. From a young age, Dr. Myer has always had an affinity for the outdoors and a love of learning.

Dr. Myer is a true Spartan-Go Green!  After earning a undergraduate degree in English Education in 2007, Dr. Myer went on to pursue a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 2012.  A lifelong learner, Dr. Myer earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2018. Dr. Myer's research dissertation focused on Cultural Competence, highlighting the importance of relational trust, self awareness, personal and organizational reflection, trickle-down leadership, and embedded and sustained professional learning within public school settings. Dr. Myer strives to continually bridge theory and practice as a reflective leader.

Dr. Myer is a champion for educational equity in secondary nontraditional settings. Dr. Myer's past experiences support the work at Bowers Academy where Dr. Myer fosters a sense of community for all and cultivates a student-centered and inquiry based approach to instruction. With a focus on highlighting individual strengths to lift up and empower, Dr. Myer radiates passion and enthusiasm for place-based education.

Collaborating with farm educators, Dr. Myer enjoys learning alongside students to explore all aspects of farm life, including: observing animal behavior, attending to animal care, and actively investigating the environment.

When not at Bowers, Dr. Myer enjoys camping, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.